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-Fan Made Digimon created by [personal profile] razorsaw

Description: Large, powerful armored insectoid warrior with a larger upper body than legs. Has a shell on his back concealing wings that are actually the halves of a drill. On his arms, he has "claws" that are drill bits as well. Second pair of arms resemble scoop shovels and curl up over his shoulders. Feet have drills for toes, and he has a large drill nose on his head.
Maximum Drill - Moves the drills on his back to the front, becoming a massive drill himself and propelling himself with his wings.
Grand Gold Rush - Fires off all the drills on his body, producing more drills in order to produce continuous fire.
Giant Crack - A powered up version of Big Crack that causes spires to erupt from the ground.

Description: Large, powerful cyborg digimon with two shoulders (think SaintGalgomon) with massive drills in them. Hands look like massive steam shovels, and he has what looks like a hard hat. Has rusty, heavy armor all over his body.
Great Boring - Fires off the massive drills on his shoulders on cables, boring into the enemy and pulling them back.
Big Scoop - Scoops up a massive boulder from the ground and hurls it at his foe.
Tunnel Surprise - Digs into the earth, in order to emerge elsewhere and surprise them by popping out of the ground.

Voice Mail

Feb. 29th, 2012 11:21 pm
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Looks like we need to re-route course, Halberd. Obviously.

I say Albion, for right now. That's one place Ravemon won't touch just yet.

Matadormon, gather your people.

DATS... Ravemon's gonna regret this. That much I can promise.
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Okay, boys and girls, here's what's going down.

DATS has requested our assistance.

Long story short? Shit is about to go down.

I'm sure all of you have a good idea of what's going on with Ravemon now that it's been all over the news.

DATS, literally, has a gun pointed right at their head... in the form of a giant cannon.

Before they can work out the plans to take HIM down, they've gotta take THAT out. And like when we helped take down Kurata, the Halberd is from here out going to be apart of those plans. They're getting help from other places, too, but so far as I know they're still hammering that crap out, and assault plans for the gun's base.

Sadly, it's not as easy as just evacuating Royal Base. The place is practically big enough to be its own city, and certainly large enough to have an Area Leader.

Not to mention... that's one hell of a wussy way to go out, isn't it?

This is going to be a lot bigger, and a lot TOUGHER than anything we've butted heads with before. Even more than Megidramon or Volcadramon.

So if there's anyone with the SLIGHTEST bit of hesitation about going headlong against an Ultimate Area Leader and his entire army...


Time to get the hell off the ship.
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Kotemon said he went poof.


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Now Viral's gone, too!

Dammit to hell.

First Marino, now...


Meta Knight, we're gonna need to do a recruitment drive.


And I wonder if Scorpiomon's bony ass will listen to us now without either of them.
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We're in the air again.

I know DATS is doing their thing to get to the bottom of the guys that were attacking everyone awhile back.

There's two more Tags out there, but not in places we can really get to.

So... we need to figure out what the hell we're doing. I'm tired of sitting around on my damned ass.
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This is Simon of the Dai-Gurren Brigade.

First, wanted to give a shout out to everyone else who helped take down that Volcdramon that attacked Neon City a little while back, both before and after we arrived. Daimon and the others made a good pick with Vent. And that kid with the Knightmon was damn impressive.

We need a bit of help, though. DATS and the local authorities have helped get the Halberd to a secure palce for us to conduct repairs, but we're gonna need a BIT more help than that... We still got pretty thrashed from that crash, so we could use some extra mechanics, or anyone that can help us repair everything. We need to get up and running here soon. Got stuff that needs done.

[locked to DATS Commanders]

We need to talk.



I know what I said before about staying apart to protect the Tags... but we're twiddling our thumbs too much, and I'm done taking our time with everything that's going on.
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Yo, DATS. And I guess the Neon City government, too.

The Halberd is currently entering Neon City territory.

Do us a favor? Or, yourselves one, really.

Keep the airspace over the city and the area around that huge, flaming bastard clear.

We're coming in hot.

Everyone on board?

Make sure you're strapped in.
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Boota's missing.

Kittan's missing.


Kouji, get ready drop this ship on someone's goddamned head.
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Okay, folks.

I need a couple people.

Aniki once mentioned a thought of charging into the Dark Area head on to see what they're about.

Y'know what?

That ain't a half bad idea.

By all rights, they have information on things - the Tags, these 'Zero Arms', and even our SHIP - that we don't.

But we're down a person having gone back to their world, and we had to shove Kouji in the frozen Tamer closet along with Kittan and Abel.

I'm not flying the whole ship down into that place. DATS just got a Tag back from the Dark Area, and we need to protect the ones we got from Scorpiomon and Meria.

So, like I said. I just need a few people, and I need enough people to stay back here on the ship to protect the Tags should the worst happen.

Much as I hate the concept of it, we should probably try to get in quietly, but be prepared to blow our way out. And I need either Meta Knight or Aniki to stay behind and command the ship while I'm gone.


Any takers?
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All this crap with Kurata's kind of reminding me we've been lollygagging around too much lately. I've been too focused on keeping these Tags I have safe...

So, question.

The Zero Arms.

C'mon, guys.

You can't tell me what Takamachi said is all you know about them. Probably not info that's ready to be spread around yet, or anything you wanna run the risk of, say, a random sleeper agent or freshly Demon Sealed Tamer spilling to people like Kurata's crew, right? I mean. You've had a FEW of those, lately... and it's just like the Tags, to some extent, right?

Can't blame you much, there. But we don't have much better to do without a clear target on the Syndicate or Demon Kings to ram our ship up their asses.
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It's been a good minute since we snagged the Tag in Meria.

I've been in contact with Daimon Suguru in DATS, and with a recent conflict in the Dark Area, they've obtained the Dragon Tag.

That just leaves ... two unaccounted for, likely in places where it'd be hard for us to openly operate, and DATS may have the upper hand there.


I'm bored. I'm open to suggestions on what the hell to do in the meantime. There's a lot else going on out there besides this, and no reason we just have to sit around on our asses while we see what Daimon and his people are going to do.

Any takers?
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DATS, this is Simon.

It's been several days since we accomplished this, but I wanted to make sure the Halberd was far enough away and we didn't have any Dark Area forces trailing after us before I contacted you all.

We've located and attained the Aquatic Tag. We met opposition from the Dark Area... specifically, Megidramon - formerly Megadramon of that one incident in the Tetha riots - and a Matadormon with a small squadron of soldiers.

...We defeated Megidramon. He won't be a problem any longer. Particularly, actually, one of our crew members, Luigi, saved our hides in taht fight...

It seemed like the power of just that one Tag itself had an... interesting reaction on his own power. He was able to summon some sort of force, and it was unlike anything I'd really seen before, here. His D-Comm was actually... damaged. I don't want to bring the entire ship there for reasons I've already told you guys, but I was wondering if I could send Luigi to you all to have some of your people take a look at it.

...if that's what just ONE Tag can do, then I'm worried about what the Dark Area or any of our enemies could do with even just a fraction of that power...

As for the Matadormon, he and his forces were beaten... but he escaped.

...additionally, we've... recovered Nia, although she's been comatose since the battle... And one of our members, Aniki named Kamina had his Digimon reverted in the fight...


But that's pretty much all I have to report. Figured you guys needed a head's up.

And that only leaves... Three Tags remaining.

[ooc - DATS leadership pretty much implies... Commanders, Unit Leaders, Ivan... anyone who'd have a stake in bossing people in DATS around, effectively. XD; ]
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[there is a sound of rushing wind]


You think you're telling me anything I don't know?! I ought to go beat the crap out of those wizards just for doing this, but I DON'T need some talking STICK to tell me how much I love her!

Hey, listen, man, I'll go bother Luigi or something, REALLY! YOU'RE HOLDING ME TOO TIGHT, I'M CRACKING.

I don't think you get it!


If you did, you wouldn't have been trying to bother me about any little insecurities I might have!

...hey, it ain't my fault they're there--

[slight cracking sound]


NO, YOU DON'T. Because anything I might be uncertain or unsure about doesn't matter! I'll still find a way to bust through all this crap and settle things, and go through with everything I had wanted to do all along! Just who the hell do you think I am, anyway?!

...S- Simon... the Digger?

You're goddamned right I am.

...y- you're not gonna drop me off the ship, are you?

...oh, go bother Luigi or Zero for all I care.


[ooc - So, I was mistaken the night before. It's today - the 7th - that is Simon's, and thus my, one year anniversary in Dive. Yay. :O ]
simonthedigger: (Default) crew's already well aware of this, but I figure it's a good idea to inform everyone else of this.

My- ... One of my crew members, Nia, has come under the influence of a dangerous entity known as the Anti-Spirals. They seek to suppress the power of evolution, and destroy any who would utilize it in order to meet these ends. Obviously, the ability of Digimon to evolve into more powerful forms holds a certain threat to them.

Nia... is not acting under her own will. Not entirely. Please, be cautious if you encounter her, but... if you can... I ask you to try and not bring harm to her.

...and I will say that, yes, that request is a personal one. Nia is... a very important person to me.

Thank you.

[locked to DATS leadership (Unit Leaders & Ivan included) + Halberd Crew]

Daimon, Satsuma, Yushima... I don't want to say this more publically just yet, as I don't want to incite a panic... but there is another thing here.

We have reason to believe, with the Anti-Spirals intentions and the sort of power they have, that Nia may not have been pulled into this world by Yggdrasil. She may well have been SENT by them.

I don't know if this is foretelling of what may be to come, but... It's worth keeping in mind. From what I've learned, they've nearly destroyed my home world, and are a threat on a cosmic scale. Any attempts by the Anti-Spirals to influence this world is not... good, to put it mildly.

Whether or not you want to look into things there is a matter up to you. I know we already have a lot to handle... and don't worry. This won't distract the Halberd from its own search.
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...Lagann and I found Nia...


She... she's turned into something else... claiming to be some "messenger" of the "Anti-Spiral race..." She's not herself. She was trying to DESTROY people, she had her partner fight US...



I think we need to have a discussion.

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Hey, Aniki!

We've got some trouble coming up here, more than likely... and you need to know more about the Digi-Soul, right?

How's about you meet me up on the top deck and we see what can be done about that, eh?
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Commanders Satsuma, Yushima, and Daimon -

A couple days ago, the Area Leader Scorpiomon and his gang were attacked by an Ultimate Digimon called Gryphomon. Though Scorpiomon was greatly injured, he's alive.

Gryphomon was fended off by Viral, two 'Gundams' named Zero and Bakunetsumaru, as well as a young woman we have yet to verify the identity of, and all their partners. Viral and the Gundams have joined us on the Halberd.

Before I continue, I have to ask you a question.

Gryphomon was after something called a "Tag" from Scorpiomon.

Does this ring any bells?
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